Young Performers Classes

Acting & Music for Young Performers

Boy with Puppet

Introducing children to theatre at a young age helps cultivate their creativity and build confidence.  In these classes, students will be introduced to the world of singing, dancing, and acting through engaging games and activities.

  • Acting for Young Artists (Ages 4-7)
    • This class aims to bring basic understanding of storytelling, and theatre terms through playful lessons.
  • Intro the Theatre (Ages 7-11)
    • This is a 4-week class and will not have a final performance.  This class will address basic theatre terminology, understanding of basic theatre & Acting History, will engage students in theatre games which will develop skills in the areas of: Voice & Speech, Movement & Mind. This is an introductory class to give students a basis on which to understand their interest in classes.

  • Kindermusik Ages 0-7yrs
    • Kindermusik Wiggle & Grow Babies – 3 yrs

      This music-filled class celebrates the unique joys of your growing child. Each week your child will love singing, dancing, playing instruments and using their imagination, and you’ll love helping them practice a wide variety of abilities, such as gross and fine motor skills, turn-taking, social skills, and active listening.  Parents participate in the class with their child.

      Kindermusik Laugh & Learn 3-5  yrs

      Each week in class we combine your child’s natural love of music, storytelling, and imaginative play with age-appropriate activities that introduce early music concepts and foster independence, social and emotional skills, language growth, and self-control. Parents participate in the last 15 minutes of each class.

      Mini Musicians Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade

      Mini Musicians class is an early introduction to singing, reading, and writing music and rhythm, through movement and games that focus on rhythmic and melodic development.  Your child will also receive their very own keyboard instrument—a glockenspiel, to learn to play; which will help prepare them for formal music lessons.