Young Performers Classes

Acting & Music for Young Performers

Boy with Puppet

Introducing children to theatre at a young age helps cultivate their creativity and build confidence.  In these classes, students will be introduced to the world of singing, dancing, and acting through engaging games and activities.

  • Acting for Young Artists (Grades PreK to 2)
    • This class aims to bring basic understanding of storytelling, and theatre terms through playful lessons.
  • Tiny Dancers (Grades PreK to K)
    • Tiny Dancers is a dance technique class for our youngest dancers.  Technique classes are focused specifically on developing a dancer’s strength, proper delivery of steps, balance, and enhanced skill without the focus of long term choreography retention. Technique classes are a critical part of any dancer’s development, regardless if their focus is ballet, jazz, lyrical, or tap.

  • Vocal Technique Classes (Grades PreK to K)
    • In our vocal technique classes, students will receive instructions that will help them grow as vocal musicians.  They will be taught proper voice placement, how to maintain vocal health, and beginning sight reading skills.  The intention of this class is to thoroughly develop the vocal instrument and to teach our students how to properly use their voice in the world of musical theater.