Dance Classes

The world of musical theatre incorporates many styles of dance from jazz to hip hop and even ballet.  In WYART dance classes, students will explore a variety of these styles, while also working to improve their dance technique.  Students will perform in the Spotlight Showcase at the end of the session. Each class has multiple sections which will focus on different styles of dance used in musical theatre and are offered in the Spring & Fall terms.

  • Dance Technique Classes
    • Technique classes are focused specifically on developing a dancer’s strength, proper delivery of steps, balance, and enhanced skill without the focus of long term choreography retention. Technique classes are a critical part of any dancer’s development, regardless if their focus is ballet, jazz, lyrical, or tap.
  • Tap 
    • Tap is taught In 2 levels.  In each level students will be able to fine tune any known skills and learn additional basic skills.  Students will be pushed to learn more advanced steps and combinations.  These skills will be valuable for casting auditions.
  • Hip Hop Experience
    • In Hip Hop Experience, students will learn beginning hip hop steps and combinations.  With the increased popularity of modern dance on the Broadway stage, these skills will be valuable to students not only on the WYART stage but also as they continue to expand their horizons.  This class will be fun for dancers of all ages.
  • Mastering the Dance Audition
    • Have you every walked into a dance audition and felt completely lost? In Mastering The Dance Audition, students will learn tricks to help them quickly pick up audition combinations.  Our instructor will provide students with tips to assist with focus, memory, and execution during an audition.  During each class, the students will be taught a combination and be put through a mock audition.  This class will be fun and meaningful for dancers of all ages.