Fall 2017 Apprenticeship

Fall Application Deadline: September 15, 2017

The Fall 2017 Apprenticeship Program has openings in the following areas:

Costume Apprentice/Run Crew – The Costume apprentice will primarily volunteer during the final preparations of a production and for run crew. On top of being a part of the show backstage, The Costume apprentices will be taught basic sewing skills, trained in proper laundry techniques and costume maintenance.

Properties Apprentice/Run Crew– The Props apprentice will begin to learn how to analyze a script for props, do research for props to assure quality and appropriateness, as well as be open to learning how to make and engineer properties as needed. An open mind and creative energy are crucial to this position. Properties apprentices must also be able and willing to be on run crew for all performances.

Scenic Apprentice/Run Crew-  The Stage Management apprentices will observe and be a part of the ins and out of a rehearsal process, assist with paperwork and organization of show tracking, and properties tracking. Apprentice must have great attention to details and be a self starter. This position will require running crew hours. Apprentices may also be asked to step into the role of stage manager for a WYART production or class.

SM & Sound Apprentice/Run Crew-  The Backstage Crew apprentices will observe a rehearsal, and be trained on backstage duties for the Fall production. Backstage duties include but are not limited to: Sweeping and mopping the stage, assisting with scene changes, costume changes, managing backstage calls, assisting actors with props handoffs, spot light operators, light or sound board operators, assisting with microphone issues and care. The backstage crew is the backbone of the show, the ninjas who make the technical magic happen.

Administrative Apprentice The Administrative apprentice will learn the basics and understanding of facility management, marketing, box office assistance, ushering and assisting the administrative team with WYART programming needs.