Musical Theatre Performance

In Musical Theatre Performance classes, students will develop vocal singing skills, while also learning the art of acting and performing in a musical.  This is not your average “sit and sing” class, but a class where students will learn how to put their acting, singing, and dance skills together to perform as a triple threat.  Students will perform in the Spotlight Showcase at the end of the session. MTP classes are offered in the Spring & Fall Terms.

(All ages listed for levels are approximate, as class placement will be based on skill level at the beginning of the session.)

  • MTP Level 1 Ages 8-12
    • Primary focus of Level 1 will be primarily to build proper vocal & breath support.
  • MTP Level 2 Ages 10-14
    • Focus of level 2 will be to build upon skills learned in level 1 through phrasing, tonality, complexity of choreography, and expanded material choices.
  • MTP Level 3 Ages 14+
    • Focus of Level 3 will build upon skills learned in level 2.through vocal mixing, belting, and complex harmonies, as well as continued complex choreography, character physicalizations and materials.

Sections for all Musical Theatre Performance Classes

  • Section 1: Sing, Sing, Sing
    • Through traditional and contemporary musical theatre repertory, students will be trained in vocal techniques such as breath support, vowel formation, and parts of the voice.  Students will learn to sing both as a soloist and in an ensemble while creating a character. Each level will build upon skill sets learned in level 1.
  • Section 2: Duets and Trios
    • Students will work in smaller groups to create a scene through a song.  The focus will be on blending voices and creating a relationship with people in a scene through acting. Students will begin to work on adding basic dance choreography to songs while they sing.  They will also work on how their body can be used to create a character.Each level will build upon skill sets learned in level 1.

  • 3: Dance, Dance, Dance 
    • Students will explore some of the great dance musicals throughout time such as “Oklahoma,” “West Side Story,” “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” and “Chicago.” They will not only work on dancing and singing, but how they can express a character and move a story forward through a dance musical number.Each level will build upon skill sets learned in level 1.
  • Section 4: Classics
    • In section 4, students will work on a large dance number and smaller duets from classic musicals such as “My Fair Lady,” “Anything Goes,” “South Pacific,” and “Guys & Dolls.”  Students will also explore how these musicals have remained relevant today and how their stories can be told to a contemporary audience.
    • Each level will build upon skill sets learned in level 1.
  • Section 5: Pop & Rock
    • There are many different kinds of musicals, and so there are many different ways to sing in musicals.  In this section, students will learn how to use their classical vocal technique to sing music from pop and rock musicals in a healthful way.  With pop and rock comes more complex harmonies, which will also be practiced in this section.  They will also explore how contemporary characters differ from characters in classical musicals.
    • Each level will build upon skill sets learned in level 1.
  • Section 6: Introduction to Musical Theatre Styles  Level 1 only
    • This section will prepare students to progress to level 2 by introducing them to diverse musical theatre styles.  Students will work as an ensemble on two contrasting musical numbers; one Jazz Age or Golden Age Standard (Rogers & Hammerstein, Cole Porter) and one Musical Theater Pop song (Jason Roberts Brown, William Finn).
    • Students need to have taken Level 1: Sing Sing Sing, Dance Dance Dance & Duets & Trios or have advanced experience prior to taking this course.