Summer Workshop Series June 12- Aug 19

Playwriting Workshop


Students will improv, write, star and direct their own script in this 1 week  1/2 day workshop!
Ages:  8-10
Dates: June 12- 16
Time: 2pm- 5pm
Performance: June 16 @ 6pm.

Backstage Workshop

Students will build set pieces, learn how to create and craft props, costumes and even help with the lighting and sound for our first WYART Summer Repertory Series production in this 1 week 1/2 day workshop.
Ages: 10-14
Dates: June 19-23
Times: 2-5pm

Cabaret Workshop


Learn popular musical songs, improvise comedic interludes and work monologues in this workshop designed to train performers to work in a dinner theatre setting.
Ages: 12+
Dates: June 26-June 30
Times: 2-5pm

3 Day Theatre Camp

Students have a chance to learn, play, and make their own mini production in this short workshop.

Ages: 6-12
Dates: July 5-8
Times: 9:00am-1pm
Performance: July 8 @ 6pm

Broadway Dance


Learn choreography from our mainstage productions or even moves they use on Broadway! in this Dance intensive.

Ages: 8-14
Dates: July 10-15
Times: 10:00am-1pm

Stage Make-up- CATS!


Learn basic techniques for stage make-up and learn styles and special topics in stage makeup such as bruises, scars  or how to look like a Cat!  Most make-up provided.


Ages: 10-18
Dates: July 17-21
Times: 10:00am-1pm

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