WYART will be creating a short film about our community’s fight to support each other and deal with the very real concern of bullying in our community. Now more than ever we have a need for compassion for each other, a need to hear each other’s stories, and to #LETSEVOLVE.
We would like to hear from YOU,  our community.
We are asking for you to submit your stories, your experiences, your feelings about Bullying and Bullying Prevention.
We are asking YOU to #LETSEVOLVE with us.
Submissions from all points of view will be accepted: teachers, parents, students, victims, witnesses, adults who have experienced bullying as an adult, as well as those who have or continue to bully. Submissions may be of varying types: art, music & essay formats are encouraged.
Submissions will be used in our 2017 short film project to create awareness on bullying, its effects and its prevention.
images-1Prompts And Information about Bullying can be found here:
This short film will be presented as a part of the production Text This by Tim Mogford, a play about the effects of cyber-bullying, March 3-5 2017.
To Register to be a part of the Cast & Creative team of this film please click here. Enrollment will open Dec 15, 2016.
For more information on how to get involved please contact our Theatre Education Director, Kirsten Upchurch : ted@weathervaneplayhouse.org


Submissions are now being accepted.
Submission deadline is Jan 15, 2017.
c/o Theatre Education Director
Weathervane Playhouse
P.O. Box 607
Newark, OH 43058 

Subject: #letsevolve

If you would like more information on the topic of Bullying and how to build your program on bullying prevention please visit: