Acting Classes

Acting (Spring & Fall Terms)

Acting classes help students develop strength and versatility in their acting through progressive levels.  Students will work on acting fundamentals of movement, voice,
improvisation, and character development.  Advanced students will also explore different acting styles and techniques. Each class is now offered in sections with a more concentrated focus. Based more on experience than on age range, our acting classes teach the foundations of technique students will use their entire careers. Acting classes will work on monologues and scene-work that will be performed in the Spotlight Showcase at the end of the session.

  • Acting 1 : The Actor & Their Tools Acting 1 aims to develop and discover the actor’s tools of body voice and mind, while also learning acting and theatre terminology.
    • Section 1: The Actor & The Voice
      • Skill focus: Character voices, vocal expression, observation skills, basic acting technique.
    • Section 2: The Actor & Movement
      • Skill focus: Physical expression, character shapes, basic acting techniques, observation skills
    • Section 3: The Actor & The Material
      • Skill focus: Acting techniques, textual analysis, combining vocal & physical expression, imagination and thought analysis.
  • Acting 2: Character & Scene Work  Students will focus on how best to apply learned techniques for different types of materials. Each section will focus on different material styles.
    • Section 1: Comedy!
    • Section 2: Drama
    • Section 3: Musical Acting
  • Acting 3: Advanced Studies in Acting Advanced Acting continues to build upon a student’s abilities and techniques to place them on par with collegiate and professional actors.
    • Section 1: Shakespeare/Greek
    • Section 2: Acting Techniques Explored
    • Section 3: TV/Film
    • Section 4: The Business of Acting
  • Acting for Adults    These classes focuses on deepening the actor’s understanding of the character & text through exploration of known acting techniques: Stanislavsky, Checkhov, Adler, Hagen, Meisner. This course aims to assist actors with discovering more dimensionality in their performance through risk, committment and through a guided rehearsal technique
    • Section 1: Monologue Work
    • Section 2: Scene Work & Character Development
    • Section 3: Teacher Training