Acting Classes

Spring 2018

Acting classes help students develop strength and versatility in their acting through progressive levels.  Students will work on acting fundamentals of movement, voice, improvisation, and character development.  Advanced students will also explore different acting styles and techniques.

  • Radio Comedy Hour Performance
    • Come learn to make your audience laugh.  In this class students will learn and perfect the techniques necessary for comedic acting.  Skills will include line delivery, pausing for laughs, and how to execute physical comedy.  Students will learn various scenes to help them practice these skills.  These scenes will be performed at a showcase on Friday, May 18.
  • Monologue Workshop
    • In this workshop, students will learn and practice various monologues which they will then perform at a showcase on Friday, May 18.  Preparing these monologues will teach student to explore a character, make informed choices, and properly execute what they have prepared.  These monologues can be used for upcoming auditions as well.


Section 2: Scene Work & Character Development

Section 3: Teacher Training

This section allows Teachers in Training to work alongside our professional Instructors. They will gain handson experience as a Teaching Assistant. Through the direct interaction with a classroom experience, Students will be able to observe classroom management styles, gain perspectives on how to teach certain classes and techniques, develop a mentor/student relationship from which to network, gain lists for classroom activities and more.