Guide to Choosing an Audition Monologue

  • The best monologues are short speeches approximately 6-15 lines in length. Performance time should be about one min at full emotional investment.
  • Pick a piece that you can identify with, something that speaks to you. Preferably also a character that is about your age.
  • The character should be speaking directly to and actively engaging another character. (An alternative style is a monologue which requires the character to use their imagination when they are narrating or talking to themselves)
  • The character speaking should be trying different tactics to get what they want.
  • Monologues preferably come from plays, however monologues from the following are also acceptable: monologue books,poem, an article, a song books etc. Be sure to make the monologue performance your own. Movies are not recommended sources as we tend to perform what we have observed.

Looking for materials?  

A quick google search for Free Monologues- should pull up many options.

Or We have several monologue books and many plays  you may peruse while at WYART. You may be able to find the perfect monologue.